Help your community get prepared

When you are more prepared for disasters and emergencies personally, it helps your community. You can help out your neighbors, community groups or even those you work with. Start by making sure you have an emergency plan in place. You can then find opportunities to share your knowledge and information from our Do1Thing program with your community.

Do1Thing Background

Do1Thing is a nonprofit organization that was started in 2006 by a group of local emergency managers in Lansing, MI.

Do1Thing empowers individuals and businesses to "do one thing" each month to prepare for disasters and emergencies.

The Do1Thing program is used across the nation and in Canada.

Do1Thing is know for its whole community approach to

preparedness through having several language translations and formats to help vulnerable populations.

Governed by a board of directors and one employee, we hope to expand the program with the help of our Ambassadors.

Our goal is to help individuals and businesses become more disaster resilient!

Host a Do1Thing booth

Ambassadors over the years have set up Do1Thing booths within their communities to help spread the message about preparing for disasters.

Set the stage

Do1Thing can be used on countless platforms. Whether you are sharing the program with a neighborhood watch group or (pictured here by executive director Raynika Battle) at conferences.

person standing at a booth at a fair

Do1Thing Day 2019

Host your own emergency preparedness fair! In Lansing, MI Do1Thing hosted its 2nd preparedness fair. Can't host a whole fair? Feel free to have a table or booth set up instead at a local event.

Ambassador Course

  Ambassador Training
Available in days
days after you enroll

This course is free of charge

Show us your stuff! After completing the course, stay in touch!

We would love to see and hear how you a re using Do1Thing in your community. Feel free to send us an email or connect with us on social media!